— Puppy Love —

Today my grandparents went to pick up their new puppy, and I was lucky enough to join them. 6 weeks ago was the first time we saw them for the first time (who’d turn down a trip to go an see puppies?!) and it’s lovely to see how much she’s grown and to see the lovely little personality that she’s got – not to mention that she’s just like a little teddy bear :)

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Aug 01st
— A Year in the Life | dannissummer —

A Year in the Life

A year ago today I posted my first blog post on dannissummer so I thought there’s no better time to re-introduce myself and look back over the past year.

So, the reintroduction – my name’s Danni and I’ve just completed my first year at university (finishing with a 2:1 – yay!). Although I set up this blog to write about all of the stuff I got up to last summer, I failed miserably and spent most of…

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Jul 18th
— Passing First Year! 🎉 —

Passing First Year! 🎉

The other night our university results were published early and I’m super excited, and relieved, to have passed with (what I’m pretty sure is) a 2:1! As a professional procrastinator, my work’s never at the standard I know it can be – resulting in stress, tears and disappointment. Hopefully my results have given me a kick up the bum to get myself sorted, as if I put the time in I’ll be able to…

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Jul 13th #exams #personal #results #uni #university
— The Return of Dumbledore’s Army! —

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Yesterday I saw this floating around on tumblr, initially I thought nothing of it *slap on the wrist for being super lazy* however with the amount of people reblogging it and the fact that it made it onto national news it seemed to be a big deal. And boy do I regret not reading it as soon as I saw it on my dashboard!

Yesterday J.K.Rowling released a news article from the 2014 Quidditch World Cup…

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1 Jul 09th #harry potter #hp #j k rowling #review
235 Jul 09th


Dream Along With Mickey on Flickr.

9 Jul 09th

Cinderella | The King

"But I’m not getting any younger anymore, you know, I want to see my grandchildren before I go.” 

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Peter Pan (1953)

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Anonymous asked: Tiana and Naveen or Ariel and Eric?

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